SgC is committed to assist enterprises in optimizing tax-efficient strategies and executing tax planning. The firm aids in achieving effective management and compliance. The firm advises strict compliance of fiscal statutes, professional bodies’ standards, ethics, and SgC’s policies, with the objective to ensure extending services of the highest caliber.

At SgC, appropriately qualified and skilled tax professionals have a strong reputation, and their ideas and solutions to complex matters have assisted our clients to improve and grow as an enterprise. Customized solutions are provided to clients catering to their individual needs.

Around the globe, businesses are dealing with trans-jurisdictional transactions, which require coping with tax laws prevalent in different countries. SgC provides tax consultancy effectively on global taxation issues.

Services for commercial strategy and business planning:

SgC handles personal tax, wealth planning, and tax advisory needs of the clients. The personal tax and wealth management services adds immense value to the business owners. Our commercial strategy services team provides efficient advice for business entities. We combine individual income tax planning with that of commercial entities resulting in coordinated advice and services with the objective to achieve the best possible outcome for the clients.

SgC adds focus and technical competence to our clients’ business tax planning needs for extracting benefits in these situations:

  • Businesses where owners engage or plan to engage in estate planning to keep the business within the family
  • Businesses with substantial cash flows and high enterprise value
  • Industries which require significant capital investment and in which tax codes provide unique accounting method and tax incentives
  • Those companies where financial statement audits are secondary to tax planning

In considering the requirements in Pakistan, we offer services for:

  • Businesses
  • Direct taxes
  • Indirect taxes
  • Transfer pricing
  • Trans jurisdictional transactions


Given the dynamic environment and fierce competition, the need for apt tax advice and innovative tax strategizing, and proper planning to reduce tax incidence is crucial for corporate entities to maintain an edge over competitors and meet the global challenges.

Sgc helps companies comply with regulations, domestic and foreign, and plan and optimize their fiscal obligations. We assist with complex tax issues arising from the restructuring of enterprises and frequently fluctuating tax regulations. SgC, as a collaborating firm of Anderson Global, in Pakistan, can draw on an international network of experienced tax professionals to equip the businesses to deal with the needs of businesses nationally and internationally.

Our direct taxation services include

  1. Corporate tax
  2. Corporate and international tax structuring
  3. Tax operations advisory services
  4. Corporate tax compliance and outsourcing
  5. Tax valuation services
  6. Tax accounting services
  7. Taxation – Regulatory
  8. Personal taxation services


The everchanging business environment requires companies to focus on their core competence and activities that create value. In the globalized world, multinational enterprises (MNEs) need to appreciate the tax impact of their operations and transactions


Valuation is a contested issue at the heart of disputes and negotiations between corporations, individuals, and tax authorities. To meet the tax authorities’ demands requires not only specialist advice but also detailed knowledge of their working methods


Personal taxation and expert personal tax advice are essential for individuals & high net worth individuals, owners of businesses, corporate directors, and executives, given the constantly changing tax legislation and complex tax residential status issues. 


To enhance the value of corporate tax operations SgC’s advisory services provide the knowledge and methodologies required for efficiency. With testing financial concepts, resulting from accounting standards, greater transparency is required.


The success of companies operating in international jurisdictions depends on understanding of impact of ever-evolving global tax, legislative & regulatory developments that can affect operations of MNEs.

Tax Operations Advisory Services

Septentrio Global Consulting’s advisory services provide the knowledge and process methodologies required for tax opterations efficiency. At Septentrio Global Consulting we provide advisory services:


Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to manage tax compliance given the continually changing assurance and tax compliance requirements causing corporations to rethink


To further ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, we partner with organizations to support their business activities and assist in navigating through the regulatory framework. 


Federal and Provincial sales tax extends to the entire value addition process, including the manufacture/resale stage, and contemplates rebating tax paid on inputs and purchases. Thus, Sales tax is not merely a taxation issue. It provides a broad tax base casting a wide net for businesses. Varying Customs Duty is levied on imported items to excluding others, thus necessitating expert advice.

Similarly, Federal Excise Duty is a levy on the manufacturing sector and the services sector.

Potential issues concerning indirect taxation relate to the desire to maximize indirect tax recovery and increase margins and improve cash flow. We ensure maximization of efficiencies for indirect taxes and prevent overpayment by organizations faced with significant customs or excise duties.


Transfer pricing is the most crucial tax issue considering the explosive growth of trade globally. Because of its importance, MNEs of all sizes are being subjected by tax authorities to increased scrutiny regarding transfer pricing practices.

Because of extensive transfer pricing regulations in vogue, an arm’s length standard is applied to transactions between associates. Transfer pricing has become the most difficult area of international taxation.

The corporations require help and guidance with documentation, investigations by Taxation authorities investigating approaches adopted for transfer pricing, coordinating worldwide transfer pricing policies, coordinating transfer planning advice.

We provide help and guidance essential to enterprises and assist by:

  • Advising MNEs, under relevant laws and regulations, on the most appropriate transfer pricing policy to be followed
  • Providing guidance relating to documentation
  • Advising and providing consultation concerning investigations by tax authorities regarding the approach to transfer pricing
  • Advising on coordinating worldwide transfer pricing policies
  • Coordinating transfer planning advice
  • Conducting a detailed functional analysis of selected entities and related industry analysis
  • Conducting exercises regarding comparable and benchmark analysis
  • Representation before tax authorities in defense of transfer pricing audit
  • Managing international transfer pricing projects
  • Providing detailed functional analysis of selected entities and relevant industry
  • Developing Master and Local files
  • Comparable and benchmarking analysis exercises
  • Management of international transfer pricing projects

Financial investment services

SgC can address tax and financial reporting problems unique to investment partnerships and the ones who manage them. We have experience in private equity funds, hedge funds, real estate funds, venture capital funds, and family partnerships. SgC is also unique in the deep expertise with the stakeholders in a fund. We focus on both the funds and the partners, which practically solves value-added planning to the administrative complications of funds. 

Trading and commercial bank management

SgC offers a wide range of commercial reorganization and bankruptcy services for financial institutions, asset purchasers, plan holders, debtors, creditors, and many interested parties in bankruptcy. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals assist clients in achieving a positive outcome in challenging financial situations. Our services include:

  • Assessment of collateral values
  • Liquidation and solvency analyses
  • Valuation and financial advisory for debtors, creditors, secured and unsecured lenders
  • Determination of asset values for fresh start accounting

Financial Services

We work in the financial industry handled by our financial experts who advise financial institutions, investors, corporates, and individuals seeking capital. We further offer expert analyses and advice on, including, new capital and protecting capital from taxes and other costs. We extend our advice to institutions across the financial sector on the full spectrum of their commercial operations. We combine commercial awareness with administrative expertise while working with both lenders and borrowers. Our transactional banking practice is recommended by leading legal directories and is regularly involved in local and cross-border financing and has developed the use of new financial instruments and structures.

At SgC, we advise individuals, trustees of high net worth regarding legal issues of their investments. Our advice is focused about our clients and a thorough understanding of their investment. We advise on all legal concerns affecting our private clients and families, including family disputes, investments, and real estate. We advise on a range of insurance matters, including insurance contracts and licensing of insurance companies, and litigation involving insurance claims.

Capital investment

Our seasoned legal experts know of the capital market transactions, and our services include capital raising efforts and doing inventive work. Our teams provide creative solutions, and coupled with our expertise in corporate governance, securities regulation, and tax; we give our clients coherent and detailed advice. Our counsels have a vast transactional experience that includes securitizations, the offering of debt and equity in domestic and international markets, privatizations, rights issues, and initial public offerings.

Investors and issuers rely on our advice. We focus on clients from different places, multinationals, public and private entities, emerging companies, companies in the energy sector, investment banks, and venture capitalists.

We offer our assistance in:

  • Corporate finance
  • Equity capital markets
  • Privatizations
  • Securitization
  • Tax
  • Structured finance
  • Security offerings
  • Corporate governance
  • Bonds, Finance Certificates
  • Debt capital markets