Project Management is the utilization of knowledge, skills, and procedures to execute projects effectually and competently. Project managers are now knitted among legal counsels and are progressively a constituent of “dynamic” law firms. Project management skills are increasingly becoming imperative for lawyers as clients expect greater valuation, effectiveness, transparency, and, most of all, because of limited costs, project management has become a central component of the delivery of legal services. Project managers at SgC ascertain that what is promised is delivered—on time, on budget, with transparency, and with predictability and accountability.

At SgC, we provide a multi-disciplined project management group with the skill, focus, and discipline to ensure that infrastructure projects are not only completed on time and within budget but achieve their intended purpose. Therefore, our focus is on providing responsive, cost-effective construction management and construction dispute resolution services for public and private sector agencies.

Our well-reputed project management services start from the bidding and planning procedures through to the construction, financing, and preparation of anticipated claims, operation, and maintenance till the project culmination. Our services further include development, deployment, and training, increasingly becoming an integral part of achieving optimal pricing outcomes.
In addition, we provide the following services:
Technical and legal assistance to various companies during the procurement process by:
  • Preparing of the expression of interest.
  • Pre-qualifying various bidders.
  • Preparing prequalification evaluation reports.
  • Preparing the request for proposals.
  • Managing the bidding process.
  • Conducting the evaluation process under the applicable laws.
  • Planning a project to ensure successful delivery and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Developing a complete framework for the achievement and execution of the project milestones.
  • Assessing the viability of executing the project to be implemented through various modalities, in view of the financial, physical, socio-economic and environmental parameters.
  • Implementing risk management techniques and mitigation strategies.
  • Preparing comprehensive feasibility studies; encompassing the legal, financial and technical perspectives and determining key business benefits and project financial feasibility.
  • Formulating appropriate financial models, to achieve financial close, and other necessary technical studies.
  • Drafting the agreements/concessions and assisting in negotiating the same with the other party to reach a mutually acceptable agreement/ concession.
  • Assisting in estimating the schedule task work and duration.
  • Providing legal advice for the effective planning, implementation and management of the infrastructure projects.
  • Legally assisting companies in managing complex projects involving substantial budgets, strategic risks and aggressive time scales.
  • Preparing extension of time and other claims to be submitted to the Engineer.
  • Design an effective change management process that delivers and supports strategic business projects.