Now more than ever, it is imperative that businesses be adaptable and flexible to anticipate and deal with today’s economy.  However, without the right tools in place, that can be difficult to achieve.  For implementing change within an organization, people are imperative. They need to have the right skills in place and the right motivation to be adaptable and flexible. Thanks to our affiliations with Korn Ferry, an international management consulting company, we apply global expertise to local businesses in Pakistan to implement lasting change.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is pictured as a source to improve and increase efficiency in a growing number of organizations. It is recognized that unique capabilities are obtained by enhancing employee skills, exclusive organizational cultures, and management process.

There is an increased recognition that distinctive competencies can be achieved through highly developed employee skills, distinctive organizational cultures, management processes, and systems.

The last decade has seen various new developments in HRM, emphasizing the linking of HRM with the organization’s overall strategy.

The direct and robust impact of HRM on organizational performance is well established by empirical data. How human capital is recruited, developed, organized, and managed has a direct and decisive influence on its performance.

To achieve success, the commercial entity must distinguish between its administrative part that can smartly allocate talented resources and curtail costs and its counterpart based on strategy, which must locate the right professionals to execute the company’s projected advancement.

HR Management Services

At SgC, we work closely with our clients providing them services that offer a practical approach to the businesses facing complex challenges. One of our primary goals is to make the working environment, so it productively affects the people. Our HR team is brought together of individuals with unmatched expertise and experience both locally and globally.

SgC wants to fulfill our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. To achieve this, qualified and talented individuals are made a part of our team. We ensure people with the appropriate skill set are available for our clients.

We can assist by:

  • Offering, in close collaboration with you, a practical multi-disciplined approach to face increasingly complex challenges to managing HR
  • Bringing together professionals working in the HR service arena, equipped with an unmatched breadth and depth of expertise


Talent Acquisition:

Talent acquisition, recruitment, and retention are significant priorities in every industry, and finding the right people is fundamental when implementing change or strategies. We focus on constructing a long-term plan that will attract and retain today’s workforce and the future. Based on scientific research specific to your organization, we will create talent management strategies and offer services such as recruitment process outsourcing and project recruitment to find and retain the right people for you.

Talent acquisition processes we can assist with include:

  • Sourcing
  • Recruiting
  • Interviews and assessments
  • Reference checking
  • Final hiring decisions
  • Onboarding

We can help make the job descriptions as detailed as possible with outline specific candidate requirements that can help you find the ideal candidate for the position.

We can use data analytics to improve acquisitions. To provide the correct information about the company that is attractive enough for the right applicants to apply in the company.

We can help the client build a qualified and diverse team of employees for the company by anticipating each department’s hiring needs and working with the HR managers to determine the staff’s needs. We can further help with creating job descriptions and interview questions explicitly tailored to the vacant position.

We can also help analyze the candidate’s resume and applications, providing feedback to the HR managers while also finding potential talent through online channels like LinkedIn and other professional networks.

We can also collaborate with the management to ensure that the hiring procedure is fair and ethical and conducting initial interviews to gauge the candidates’ interests, personality, and salary expectations.


Capacity building is essential for expanding or changing the direction of the organization. We can effectively facilitate your capacity building by researching, analyzing, and designing customized needs of the people working in the company and handing them over to the HR manager. We can assist the HR manager who builds capacity in people to become more effective.

We can assist in:

  • Prioritizing the areas that require improvement
  • Identifying resources required to achieve identified outcomes
  • Developing specific outcomes to achieve, along with strategies and outcomes
  • Evaluating what worked and what further modifications are required
  • Facilitating long-term decisions in the organization
  • Acquiring a competitive advantage in identified fields
  • Preparing to face the future through assessment of prevailing logistics
  • Providing training and guidance to facilitate the development of individual careers
  • Preparing information material to promote the organization’s work
  • Developing and implementing job descriptions
  • Developing a formal organizational chart
  • Developing a database to measure, trend, and evaluate working activities
  • Developing a routine for strategic planning and work plan management

leadership development:

Effective leadership plays a pivotal role in driving success in an organization. Using a range of approaches from scalable solutions to custom leadership development experiences, we create plans catered for all current and future leaders of the organization, whether he/she is a first-time manager or a senior president. 

The human resource function’s ultimate goal is to help the organization achieve its goals by attracting the best people for the job and motivating them. This requires leadership development, where effective and dynamic leadership provides an opportunity for HR to make a difference within the organization.

We assist in defining what effective leadership means tailored to the organization’s needs and create a standardized leadership model across all regions where the company operates.

We can further assist in creating a leadership development program that builds the skills of people already in leadership roles and train future leaders of the organization.

We can also assist in developing systems that work effectively within the organizations that process the recruitment, appraisals, and promotions to ensure that the organization’s deserving and capable potential leaders are identified.

Assessment and Succession:

To successfully execute business strategies, organizations need to have the right people in the right place at the right time. We provide organizations with a clear understanding of their talent, the talent they need, and how to bridge those gaps. We look at how to close those gaps by assessing the organization’s industry to pinpoint the exact job attributes needed for the specific position. To assess employees, we take an approach covering four dimensions-competencies, traits, drivers, and experiences.  These evaluations cover numerous stages and predict performance, engagement, retention, productivity, leadership effectiveness, and potential. Using assessments will help create alignment between the talent you have and your organizational strategies.

Succession and assessment of employees in an organization hold the future of the organization. We help in the process to identify the competencies to develop and nurture a talent pool of employees to ensure a smooth transition in leadership positions.

We can assist in setting out specific strategies according to your organizations’ specification, which will allow your organization to achieve the mission, goals, and initiatives. We can further help establish a process to recruit employees, develop their skills, and prepare them for future responsibilities while ensuring to retain them on the organization’s training investment.

We can assist your organization by providing a succession plan to utilize the workforce. It will be future-focused, and it will help the managers to administer and evaluate the talent pool of individuals who are willing and able to fill the positions when required.

Rewards and Benefits:

Great work deserves great compensation, but how do you satisfy employees with diverse needs? We understand the differing dynamics of the talent pool. We collaborate with leadership to create custom solutions for your unique challenges and opportunities to align your rewards systems with your organizational values.  We develop adaptable and practical compensation strategies that focus on extrinsic and intrinsic rewards to attract and retain the diverse workforce.

Rewards and benefits go a long way in keeping the employee working in the organization and not moving away to other opportunities. We can help determine distributive fairness, which is the amount an employee should receive, and procedural fairness, as to the means used to determine that amount.

Salary is not the only benefit that an employee can have; we help in determining benefits like health insurance, stock options, pensions, and calculating overtime payments that can motivate the employee to stay at your organization.

We can also help determine a market rate by comparing compensation data for the positions with the organization’s data being secured, which can help determine the average rate of salaries in the specific business according to the experience and skills of an employee.

Organization Strategy:

Through providing end to end support from strategy formulation to execution, we will help transform HR process to create internal alignment between the structures, people, and strategies. Tailored HR practices to fit specific needs and purpose will help upper management and the board stay focused on performance. With extensive knowledge in cultural transformation, organization effectiveness, and performance management, amongst others, we can anticipate and react to evolving markets to seize new business opportunities and anticipate any threats.

The organizational strategy will give the business a direction that will help to grow. We can help make an organizational strategy tailored to the needs, which will specify how the business allocates its resources to maximize output. Also, we will devise strategies that will set priorities for the organization.


  • Aligning departments within the organization, which can help each other in achieving the goal, which is organization’s growth.
  • Simplifying decision making
  • Adapting to changes and problems arising in the organization
  • Manage Cost
  • Ensure Financial stability
  • Improving customer service
  • Reduce error rates
  • Creating a performance-focused culture
  • Developing leadership abilities

More generally, we help with organizational development through:

  • Measuring and implementing strategy through the balanced scorecard approach
  • Developing and setting out organizational goals
  • A strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat analysis (SWOT)
  • Providing organizational review and documentation, such as organizational charts
  • Advising on changing management, restructuring, and
  • reorganization


HR Due Diligence:

During a merger or acquisition, the human capital of the company is also taken by the acquirer. The understanding of the human side of the company is HR Due Diligence. The people running the company determine how good or bad the company is, and the people are actually an invaluable resource.

We can assist in investigating HR due diligence. This is done by understanding the employee pool, the number of employees a company has, the titles and roles of each employee, their age, salary, and skillset. We can further assist in understanding the organization structure of the target company by looking at their:

  • Administrative reporting relationships
  • Functional reporting relationships
  • Physical office arrangement
  • Department responsibilities and inter-department co-ordination

We can further assist in studying the employees’ contracts and the terms like the probationary requirements, notice period, non-compete clause, etc. We can also help in understanding the gap between the acquirer and the target company’s compensation and benefits for its employees, such as:

  • Basic compensation
  • Leave and vacation policies
  • Bonus plans
  • Pensions
  • Other benefits

Further, helping in understanding the target organization’s culture and whether the acquirer would be a good fit for it.

We can also assist in:

  • Determining whether substantial cultural differences between the two companies can be a reason for conflict.
  • Checking out for pending litigations against employees in which the company might be liable to pay compensation.
  • The merger or acquisition being smooth and that it impacts your organization in a positive way.

Sales Team Effectiveness:

In a merger, the integration of sales forces is central to ensure revenue growth. We can help find statistically which sales representative is the glue of a high-performance sales team and identify their place in the organization’s internal network.

We can assist in:

  • Locking organization’s top performers vulnerable to competitive offers during the merger.
  • Managing a new sales team and advising regarding the decision making of the sales leadership.
  • Establishing value proposition
  • Setting sales territories based on prospect size, industry, or geographical location.

Employment Strategies:

The issues faced because of mergers & acquisitions must be addressed with the emphasis on HR professionals’ role. We assist in recognizing potential problems, identifying solutions, and persuading management to adopt them.

We help in:

  • Retention of key employees for the organization
  • Creation of new policies to guide the new organization
  • Development of compensation strategies
  • Employee selection and downsizing
  • Creation of a comprehensive employee benefits program