Mediation is a potent, organized and correlative process where a neutral third party aids the disputing parties in settling conflicts while bringing into effect diversified communication and negotiation techniques. Mediation is focused towards the needs and rights of the parties. During the process mediators try to use various techniques to steer the concerned parties into a constructive negotiation, leading to the best solutions. 

Mediation is a distinctive dispute resolution process because it is customized and highly efficient from a time and cost perspective. Mediations usually rage from between 1-3 sessions to reach a meaningful conclusion.

At ICADRP mediation is a complete process. At every step of the process, our mediators work meticulously. The full procedure of mediation is followed from pre-mediation till the time the best outcome is achieved. This is further followed up to help the parties with the outcome.

ICADRP offers qualified mediators from diverse backgrounds and practice areas. They have the requisite skills to resolve the most complex and disputed matters.

Pre - Mediation

  • Process of exchanging information will be explained.
  • Who will attend mediation?
  • Mediator to know all the issues and circumstances.

during - mediation

At ICADRP mediators closely monitor the situation and how it keeps developing which leads to them focusing on:

  • The dispute and solution to it
  • Ensuring all parties are given a chance to put forward their reservations and point of view
  • Working towards agreement and consensus
  • Observing the parties and guiding them towards resolutions

post - mediation

If no agreement is achieved between parties during mediation sessions, ICADRP mediators keep the parties engaged and follow up the new developments until a solution is reached or all options have been exhausted.

who is mediation for?

Mediation is used for individuals, corporations, governments, non-profit organizations, foreign missions etc looking to cut litigation time and costs.

why mediate?

  1. Parties have full control over the outcome.
  2. The proceedings are private and confidential.
  3. The processes are Cost and Time effective
  4. Mediation provides custom designed process with custom defined outcomes.
  5. Mediation provides a medium through which relationships are protected and enhanced.
  6. Finality in mediation outcomes arises from completely autonomous decision making of the parties.
  7. Court Annexed ADR are binding on parties if made rule of the court.


At ICADRP we provide highly skilled arbitrators who offer a speedy and effective process of arbitration. ICADRP offers videoconference options which primarily depends on the level of difficulty and case size.

ICADRP has taken a leading role to ensure that arbitration remains an attractive substitute to litigation. Proper procedural options have been instituted.

With the ICADRP procedures in place, parties can choose how to request for documents or limit depositions. Parties while utilizing ICADRP’s rules voluntarily agree to share all documents and relevant information regarding the dispute. 

ICADRP Managed Arbitration

Proper checklist and procedures are followed to keep arbitration on time and cost effective. It provides attorney’s peace of mind that the arbitration will be fair and just.

Keeping in view your best legal interests, our legal team engages in pre-trial negotiations, alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, mediation, conciliation, negotiation, expert evaluation, with large array of expertise in arbitration practice. Our legal team has built expertise in international arbitrations and have appeared before ad hoc tribunals and tribunals constituted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Paris, the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (‘ICSID’). Washington DC, Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC) and the Arbitration Institute of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

At ICADRP our clients are our first priority. While adhering to the highest professional standards and ethics we solve our client’s problems in the most cost effective and efficient manner. We provide our clients resolutions to their legal issues without having to resort to traditional litigation. We specialize in a wide spectrum of non-litigious solutions.