online dispute resolution (ODR)

We are at hand to settle disputes remotely. We extend our services to several videoconference options for virtual mediations and arbitrations depending on the case size and level of difficulty. We have state of the art software, technology and tool for Video, Web or Audio Conference 

Settle Your Dispute Using ICADRP via Video, Web or Audio Conference 

We have successfully used video conferences and conference calls to resolve disputes of all sorts. Our mediators and arbitrators (neutrals) are adept at managing the resolution process whether they are conducting an in-person or virtual hearing. And our neutrals and case managers constantly receive training in the latest videoconferencing technology and best practices, to keep themselves up to date.

Along with traditional conference calls, we offer a variety of videoconference options for mediations and arbitrations based on the size and complexity, client comfort level and cost considerations.

Zoom is a well-liked online platform that can help in mediations and arbitrations of almost any size. There is no additional cost for the zoom accounts, as we provide them. It offers breakout rooms for mediations and arbitration. Zoom is self-managed and therefore, requires nominal preparation by participants, as mentioned below. Our neutrals and staff are ever ready to help you with this suitable and user-friendly tool.

Our team of experienced Mediators will team up with the legal tech experts at CREK ODR to produce a premier online mediation service, which users can combine with virtual and face-to-face sessions, being accessible as per one’s comfort and satisfaction.

We also use bespoke software to cater the needs of individual clients.

How to prepare for an online mediation or arbitration with ICADRP?

  • Discover which platform is best for your case.
  • A Case Manager will supply you with the paperwork in advance and agree in advance on issues relating to audio and video participation.
  • Just like the in-person mediation or arbitration, confirm that all parties and representatives have reserved the time and are ready to participate in the videoconference.
  • Determine mode of communication of lawyers and clients participation from separate locations.
  • Determine what documents you plan to share and confirm that they are forwarded to the neutral before the session.

Face-to-face mediations are still of great importance at I-CADRP. Our online/virtual space provides a perfect solution to the challenges posed by the pandemic allowing us to reach you and allowing you to connect with us without the need to travel to our office.

Our teams will collaborate through bespoke software’s, such as those offered by CREK ODR to meet your individual needs. Our systems support a virtual session and online sessions:


We offer tailor made dispute resolution services locally and globally through a blend of industry-specific experience, first-class client service, prime facilities and highly trained panelists.

We provide clients access to a matchless panel of highly respected neutrals, including federal, state and appellate judges, former litigators and transactional attorneys from multiple backgrounds and practice areas. They put together decades of bench and bar experience with extensive ADR expertise to offer confidential assessment and helpful insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your case.



Professional maturing is the foundation upon which we aim to build a long-lasting mediation movement. Our international collaborations give us a cutting edge, global quality training contextualized by years of experience built on training and practice.

Our training in dispute resolution will help you in whatever line your business is.

Through collaborations our expertise include, qualifying assessment programs for certifying neutral, transfer of learning, training, customized programs, training for academics, lawyers, and judges. We are in the process of designing signature programs for ADR, advanced programs and certificate programs.

Through major technology providers in online dispute resolution, we can give federal, state, municipal courts and businesses across the country the option of sending cases to online arbitration and mediation.

Why use our service:

  • Arbitration and mediation from home or office
  • DocuSign and file sharing
  • Private, virtual conference rooms
  • Browser-based, no downloads or plug-ins require
  • States can add planning to their court’s workflow

We use convenient, web-based systems that helps you efficiently oversee your court’s workflow – instead of it managing you. Be it processing cases, entering data, presiding over hearings, support court technology, or interact with courts on consistent basis, bespoke software’s can help you work more efficiently.

Our systems:

  • Are flexible and configurable
  • Grow with technology
  • process cases faster
  • Lessen the workload
  • Provides efficiencies and enhances for day-to-day operations.