We provide corporate legal advisory services to our clients consisting of multiple industries and sectors. We represent public and private organizations, family businesses, and entrepreneurs. We help our clients by understanding their needs and help them achieve their vision. Taking an interest in our clients’ business leads us to help them build a successful enterprise and achieve their financial targets.

We negotiate and draft contracts and agreements, including partnership agreements. We further advise on cross-border businesses and provide counsel services on various issues. Our team comprises of highly skilled individuals with years of practice in the areas. We focus on achieving results by providing the best solution available.

Business Advisory

Competent advice at the right time and strategic solutions are key to any entity’s growth and survival. We can assist by:

  • Offering insights and solutions to you on several wide-ranging issues
  • Working closely with companies to achieve projected targets by evaluating existing strategic options and developing new value-creating strategies
  • Advising companies regarding improved investment decisions by helping companies evaluate technical, operational, market, and financial risks and communicating investment decisions to analysts and investors
  • Conducting valuation for bidding
  • Advising on transactional structuring
  • Advising companies/groups, given the shareholder value objectives, of various restructuring options, such as demerger, divestment, and consolidation, etc

We provide business advisory concerning:


Privatization of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and Public-Sector Enterprises (PSEs) is now a common global process that varies significantly from country to country. The real test for privatization professionals is to consider international best practices and local cultural and economic conditions.

At SgC, we assist the State and public sector in developing transaction strategy, processes, assessment, and beyond and assisting interested investors in developing transaction strategy from their perspective.

Business analyses services

SgC offers its clients comprehensive analyses that reflect our technical expertise and complex analysis issues in diverse industries. We provide thorough analyses and results to document the reasons behind the business being valued. We analyze a detailed understanding of the business and economic context to address complex issues regarding businesses. We provide services such as:

  • Financial reporting
  • Tax planning and compliance matters
  • Commercial reorganization and bankruptcy
  • Asset Valuation and Analyses for machinery and equipment, appraisal services, real estate, and intangible assets.

Financial Due Diligence

The quality of information available for a potential acquisition determines the ultimate success of a transaction for the acquirer. Businesses involved in acquisition and divestment need to ensure that the information they hold is accurate, not only to determine asset value but also to ensure governance and risk management objectives. An independent assessment provides the parties with certainty about the business and the nature of its cash flows. Besides, financial due diligence can help identify and focus attention on the business factors that will be critical to its future performance.

As SgC, we assist with:

  • Strengthening of core activity by acquiring a rival or complementary product
  • Purchasing a company to gain access to new markets for client’s products
  • Increase customer base
  • Restructure/re-focusing client’s activities
  • Reducing the pressure of financiers because of deteriorating financial ratios
  • Enhancing the buyer’s understanding of the target business
  • Assisting buyers to identify and understand critical success factors to enable informed acquisition decisions
  • Enabling purchasers to be sure about the nature of the business and the characteristics of its cash flows
  • Enabling the seller to exercise effective control over the sale process and the timing of the sale to ensure a fair market price for the business
  • Our vendor assistance specialists ensure that the seller retains pace and initiative throughout the process.

Structuring Services

Several considerations can influence the optimal structure for a transaction requiring a balance between the objectives and accounting, tax, regulatory and commercial considerations. As no two transactions are alike, and all are developed under unique circumstances combined with other variable factors, such as cross-border elements of a transaction, add further complexity to structuring issues.

At SgC, we assist in:

  • Identifying principal concerns to determine the appropriate structure for the proposed transaction
  • Assisting in the marshaling of the complex range of factors including tax, legal, accounting, and regulatory issues that need to be considered
  • Developing a financial plan to assess the selected structure and provide continuous support throughout the implementation phase
  • We provide a comprehensive range of transactions, including IPOs, mergers and demergers, refinancing, securitization, and group reorganizations

Business Management Consulting

Management consulting focuses on providing businesses strategic support to solve complex

matters. It includes operational support, program management, innovation, technology enablement, and implementation support. Our dedicated and highly experienced consulting professionals’ expertise in resolving multifold business challenges by coming up with an executable strategy evolved through in-depth industry knowledge and meticulous analyses to implement such strategies.

We assist in:

  • Strategy Design & Formulation: SgC teams design future-ready growth strategies for businesses and provide strategic inputs in developing and implementing new service designs & products
  • Strategy Execution: Our teams assist businesses in strategic transformation, executing model changes, and giving decisive support for sales acceleration, incentive planning, and sales restructuring
  • Service Transformation: Our service support comprises services operating model redesign, service excellence upgrade
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Our M&A advisors help clients to achieve objectives by providing expert advice and counseling on every stage of the project. Raising funds for business or exit a business can provide the clients with solutions customized for their business’s best interest. Our services cover the whole spectrum of M&A lifecycle, including M&A readiness, transaction advisory, transition services agreement support, integration planning, cultural integration, and business process improvement
  • Cost optimization: SgC optimize cost to drive an organization-wide transformation for cost reduction. We provide cost reduction diagnostics, structural cost management, cost segmentation, cost benchmarking, and functional cost optimization.

Financial Analyses

SgC comprehensively analyzes the company’s financial statements and relevant business documents. We conduct an in-depth review of the company’s economic conditions. We blend our valuation expertise and our in-depth knowledge of the tax laws to deliver a fair assessment. We have experience in valuing tangible assets, intangible assets, and liabilities. Tangible assets that are inventory, real estate, machinery and equipment, and other fixed assets. Besides intangible asset like technology and proprietary practices, franchise rights, trade names, trademarks, non-compete agreements, and other assets.

We also offer a valuation of assumed liabilities such as the fair value of contingent consideration and deferred revenue. The services we offer in financial reporting are:

  • Ascertaining the value of contingent consideration
  • Fair value reporting of investment portfolios for private equity
  • Goodwill and long-lived asset impairment
  • Allocation of the purchase price paid in a transaction for acquiring tangibles and intangible assets.

individual consulting


Valuation is a significant consideration for any corporation or organization, whether it be a matter relating to a business transaction, takeover, investment, a brand or a bonus plan of impairment of intangibles, transfer pricing or tax assessment.

The statistics resulting from valuation neither tell the whole story nor are they always determinative to the board or authorities’ decision. Without proper expert analysis and understanding of the facts behind the statistics, a valuation is of little assistance.

Whether the client is weighing up an investment opportunity, looking to agree on a valuation with tax authorities or seeking a valuation for accounting purposes – whatever the issue, SgC adds value to the judgment of the client for an informed decision.

We particularly take pride in our valuation services, which include:

  • Independent Expert Valuation through evidence and reports
  • Opinions about the fairness of a valuation
  • Valuation of purchase Price Allocation for IFRS
  • Valuation of impairment review of assets for IFRS
  • Investment decision analysis
  • Valuation of unlisted companies, businesses, goodwill, shareholdings, technical know-how, brands, etc.

We assist with:

  • Weighing the suitability of an investment opportunity
  • Facilitating the efforts to procure an agreement upon a valuation with tax authorities
  • Valuating for accounting purposes
  • Enabling the client to decide by providing an informed judgment and opinion as to valuation and merits
  •  Valuation for a merger, acquisition, or restructuring of the organization
  • Valuing of intangible assets, for example, brands, goodwill, intellectual property, for tax or financial reporting requirements, such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Maximizing tax benefits
  • Providing effective financial, economic, tax and strategic advice to improve the value of the organization
  • Providing expert valuation opinion and reports from industry specialists for resolution of commercial disputes through negotiations and arbitration.

Our Development Services Include

Monitoring & Evaluation

Fund Management

Financial Monitoring

Grants Advisory

Pre-Award Assessment

Organizational Capacity Assessment

Program Assessment

Value For Money Analysis

information technology

Information Technology (IT) has become critical to the operations and competitiveness of organizations around the world. Effectiveness of IT support of the business is of great significance given the expenditure on IT by companies, importance of IT system s to business objectives, the risks IT poses in their organizations and the accountability of costs.

We can help to automate business processes, resolve information system issues and align IT functions

Our solutions are based on an in-depth understanding of the business processes and matters of concern. We work with the client to help align IT resources with business objectives and structure them to minimize key business risks

We review the IT function concerning risk and improve relationships between IT, the organization, and suppliers. We also work to improve the fit of services and solutions to the organization’s needs and in increasing the value of IT to the business

corporate advisory services & strategic solutions

Our team offers insights and solutions to clients on several wide-ranging issues Our team works closely with companies to evaluate existing strategic options and develop new value-creating strategies to help achieve expected targets

Our experts advise companies on improving investment decisions and helping companies evaluate technical, operational, market, and financial risks, and communicate investment decisions to analysts and investors. We can assist companies in:

  • Valuation for bidding purposes
  • Transaction structuring

Assisting companies/groups to explore various restructuring options (demerger, divestment, consolidation, etc.), keeping in mind shareholder value objectives. We can help clients evaluate various options, structuring, liaison with tax and legal experts, etc.