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Assisting you to improve your business process
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Our object is to improve corporate and organizational efficiencies

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Providing a mix of Tax,Legal and Financial Consultancy Services
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Committed professionals of impeccable, integrity, academic background, knowledge and experience.

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We endeavor to provide diligent & professional services.
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Through committed professionals of impeccable integrity, academic background,knowledge and experience.

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Targeting innovation and global outreach, SgC leads the tax developments in the world’s growing markets. Addressing and valuing our clients’ requirements and tackling the corporate world’s challenges, with no compromise on imperative facets, like integrity or quality, our objective is to continually deliver practical and feasible solutions.
The team at SgC share and strive to achieve the vision


The core objective of SgC is to develop itself as a global legal, tax, and management-consulting firm that can serve a mix of public, private, and social sector clients in their endeavor to improve their business processes with ongoing development in performance for achieving goals efficiently and delivering better quality.
Our team and associates are geared to provide a broad and coordinated range of par-excellence and efficient services to enable clients to take knowledge-based effective business decisions. Our team and associates are committed to meeting the expectations of the clients by maintaining a high standard of service.


Doing the right thing

  • Acting professionally.
  • Doing business with integrity.
  • Upholding our client’s reputation.
  • Giving due deference to the environment and people.
  • Observing our corporate responsibility.
  • Working as a team and together determining the strategy and approach to be adopted.
  • Considering the ethical implications of our actions.


The business strategy of SgC revolves around Client service. Our commitment to clients is timely and prompt response to their needs, understanding their business, and providing a high-quality service. Our approach to the assignments is to:

  • Display a total commitment to the assignment with proactive approach ;
  • Adopt a comprehensive and integrated multidisciplinary approach based on an understanding of client needs and requirements;
  • Understand the business, with emphasis on required skills;
  • Be positive, imaginative, and constructive in our approach while maintaining our integrity;
  • Engage the skills of experienced and efficient professionals;
  • As a collaborating firm of Andersen Global, we aim to serve clients based on international knowledge and experience.

Sgc guidelines for extending services for you

Following principles serve as the guideline for our team extending services to clients


SgC is a group of senior professionals with a strong background of accounting, consultancy, legal practice, industry and service sector management. The experience of our team includes providing services in the following sectors:

  • Corporate and Advisory
  • International & cross boarder transactions
  • Employment & Litigation
  • Intellectual Property (including Data Protection, Cybersecurity, and Privacy)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions 
  • VAT and Customs
  • Transfer Pricing & Tax Compliance
  • Business Credits and Incentives
  • Private Client Services (including Compensation and Benefits and Estate Planning)
  • Insurance & Non-Profit Organization
  • ERP & Internal Audit
  • Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
  • International Commercial Dispute Resolution and Prevention
  • Human Resource Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Power Generation
  • Banking and Finance
  • Fertilizer Production
  • Service Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Technology, Media and Communication